Finally we made it to France, after our last defeat we tried again today and this time we only had very little wind against and more or less no wave so we took the liberty to test our last engine repair to verify our cooling system. Everything worked just fine except for the stupid gauge that display the temperature…

Log date: 27 aug. 2020
Route: Nieuwpoort – Dunkirk
Time: 09:00 – 13:59 ( 4h 59min )
Distance: 18 nm
Average speed: 3,6 knots
Wind: 8 knots
Weather: [ ] Rain, [ ] Fog, [X] Sunshine, [ ] Cloudy
Visibility: Great
Temperature: 18 C

It start to feel that we are up against someone that put a spell on the boat before we left. When we finally (hopefully) got the cooling under control the gauge that show the engine temperature had a stroke and just died.

Mia was kind enough to take the helm and let me empty the two big lockers in the cockpit and dig deep down to trace the cable from the engine to the gauge to ensure it wasn’t broken in any way. It wasn’t and when checking the gauge by connecting the signal cable to ground we were pretty sure that at least that one worked.

Had the cable replaced without success so now we have to get a new sensor for the engine and try to replace that one instead. Jay…

It’s like one of our previous jetty neighbours once said, sailing far away is about either fixing things or trying to find things to use when fixing things. I couldn’t have guessed that he was that right.

But looking at it from the bright side, we are now in France and one step closer and that has to be celebrated somehow and what better way than with a burger and a glass of wine?

They know how to cook more than frogs in this country.

Well maybe with a proper steak and a glass of wine. 🙂

I know it might seem that we do nothing else than hunting down fancy places to eat but that’s not true we try to find impellers, heat sensors, knee pads and some other stuff as well.

We promise…..

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