The short jump to San Vicente was way better than the one from Bilbao, a lot of sun and almost no swell or strange waves. The only issue was the lack of wind. This area is for sure strange, either waaay to much wind or no wind at all. I’m really looking forward to 20 knots of wind that isn’t up wind.

Log date: 17 okt. 2020
Route: Santander – San Vicente de la Barquera
Time: 2020-10-17 08.00 – 2020-10-17 15.50 ( 7h 50min )
Distance: 31,2 nm
Average speed: 4 knots
Wind: 0 knots
Weather: [ ] Rain, [ ] Fog, [X] Sunshine, [ ] Cloudy
Temperature: 20 °C

After a day of motoring we reached San Vicente just in time to get into the harbour with the tide. The current was quite strong (we made almost 8 knots in the harbor) so the mooring at the visitors pontoon became quite interesting.

Even if our mooring felt just like this I’m sure it didn’t look like it.

When we finally got the lines in order and the boat was secured we noticed that the gate from the pontoon was locked and that there was no water or electricity on the pontoon. They really must like visitors around here. We decided to cook onboard and spend the rest of the day on the boat.

But nothing bad without something good, a locked pontoon is a “free” one as we see it and since we couldn’t leave it we had time to do some “boat work” and finally got around to add the ventilation plates under the sleeping mattresses.

We only paid €25 for the plates and it only took a few hours to get them in place. Waaaaaay less condensation under the mattresses in the morning which is a good thing since with condensation evil mold is just around the corner. The only sad thing was that we didn’t put them in there before we left Sweden.

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