Today we took the train to Brygge/Bruges, a small medieval town a tad south from Blankenberge where we are stuck at the moment due to heavy winds.

Brygge, pronounced Brruuuuch or something, is about 2000 years old but it was first about 1000 years ago it became a “real” city. It’s quite easy to tell that the old town has been around some time, beside a gadzillion narrow streets all over the place it also got a town wall and a ton of churches.

The old part of the city is now full of coffee shops (no not that kind of “coffee shops”), restaurants, chocolate stores and other turist attractions. However it still got quite a lot of charm and a lot of burger joints…

We are sooooo weak for burgers and snacks, it feels that we do nothing else than eat awesome stuff at cool places. When reviewing the expense report that might be quite true as well.

After the burger we had a nice stroll across the town and it is for sure a nice place to visit for a few days if you are the museum, food, chocolate, beer, drinks and chill and enjoy life type and it will be even nicer as soon this insane Covid-crap goes away.

It’s now time for us to head over to the boat next to us for a sundowner and a chat about the marinas to come.

Till next time, enjoy and take care!

One thought on “Roadtrip to Brygge

  • Sofie Seerden

    good meeting you guys!

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