After a nice week in Hondarribia we thought it would be a good idea to move on to our next harbour and since more heavy winds was expected we took aim at Zumaia that was just around the “corner” and beside being really close the marina is also super protected from both waves, swell and winds from both west and north-west.

Log date: 2020-09-30
Route: Hondarribia – Zumaia
Time: 07.50 – 14.19 ( 6h 29min )
Distance: 23,9 nm
Average speed: 3,7 knots
Wind: 10 knots
Weather: [ ] Rain, [ ] Fog, [X] Sunshine, [ ] Cloudy
Visibility: Great
Temperature: 20 °C

The Zumaia marina offered great protection from the bad weather that we were hiding from but the village wasn’t really for us, super small and far from as “cozy” as our previous stop in Hondarribia. You can’t win all the time but I guess it was mainly related to the weather and the time of year that we got there. The good thing was that we didn’t spend a lot (actually not a cent) on restaurants during our stay.

However, what Zumaia did have that none of the other places had was nature and stunning sunsets and with nature I mean Nature with a capital N!

The entire town was surrounded with high green mountains and the shore had massive cliffs that could have been the setting from any cool movie. Oh.. Wait.. It was, Zumaia starred in season seven of Game of Thrones when the Daenerys Targaryen returned to the shores of Westeros – Dragonstone.

This might come as a spoiler but we didn’t find any dragons or dark castle on our trip to the cliffs.

It might sound like we didn’t really appreciate the place but we did, it was great except all the rain we had for more or less the entire stay…

5 thoughts on “Riding out the next storm in Zumaia

  • Anita o Janne

    Vackra bilder, roligt att se er och höra hur ni har det.

  • Sandra

    Vad kul att se att ni är på en sån spännannde resa! ? Ann-Sofie och Johan från Ronneby är också i Spanien, men på sydkusten. De tog Storebrorn genom kanalerna ner och bor nu på båten. Lite som ni.? Jag är bara en aning avundsjuk på er alla. ? Kram till er båda!?

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    • Men hej där! Japp, vi kunde inte låta bli att smita iväg. 🙂 Vi är på väg söderut vi med men det finns ju så mycket att se så det tar ju massa mer tid än vi någonsin kunde tro men vi har iofs inte bråttom så det gör inte så mycket.
      Ha det massa toppen där hemma och tjoa till om du vill ha vägarna förbi, det går klämma in fler på skutan även om den inte är så stor. 😀

  • Hofman

    Värst vad Tony flåsar. För mycket god mat? ?

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    • Japp, och på tok för lite träning. Nu orkar jag knappt springa en mil utan att dö minst 2 gånger.

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