Log date: 7 aug. 2020
Route: Kiel – Rendsburg
Time: 13:00 – 18:55 ( 5h 55min )
Distance: 20,8 nm
Average speed: 3,5 knots
Wind: 0 knots
Rain: None
Visibility: Great
Temperature: +28 C

After quite a lot of waiting to enter the lock in Kiel we were finally on the road (canal) heading for Rendsburg that was our planned stop for the night.

No officer I wasn’t drunk I was just queuing for the lock…

The lock wasn’t so bad after all, except for the floating piers in the lock that was superlow and made it quite tricky to protect the boat with fenders. So uncool of them.

When finally in the canal everyone just disappeared since our little iron genoa only pushed us forward at 4 knot but we didn’t really care, the sun was shining and life pretty awesome with all the tacking against the wind during the last week close in mind.

As a side note, the canal is 98km long and allow ships as with a maximum length of 235.50 metres (772.6 ft) and a maximum width of 32.50 metres (106.6 ft), that is crazy big.

The canal trip is great even if you have to share it with bigger, I mean a lot bigger boats.

But since our boat isn’t that big we had a super relaxed journey and had time both for reading and adjusting the rigging of the boat a bit to be better prepared when entering the Nordic Sea.

Just chilling and doing my stuff at the helm

I’m not really sure what the sign mean but I guess someone had a beer or two to many during lunch..

We also found a cute little boat in the marina that someone had filled with flowers and small toy ducks. We couldn’t really figure out why, maybe a wedding but the boat wasn’t rocking so we might be wrong.

Tomorrow we’ll aim for the end of the canal at Brunsbüttel 36nm away so that we can sneak out to Cuxhaven on Monday with the tide before we leave Germany behind for this time.

One thought on “On our way through the canal

  • Titti o Roland Larsson

    Ser bra ut.Fint väder,ni verkar glida fram så nätt att ni hinner koppla av o må bra under tiden.
    Fina bilder med trevliga kommentarer gör det mysigt att kolla på. Ha en fortsatt trevlig seglats.

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