Log date: 8 aug. 2020
Route: Rendsburg – Brunnsbüttel
Time: 07:00 – 15:15 ( 8h 15min )
Distance: 36,4 nm
Average speed: 4,6 knots
Wind: 0 knots
Rain: None
Visibility: Great
Temperature: +34 C

The day started with a beautiful morning so I’ll use the old saying, a picture Sayyid more than a 1000 words.

Sunrise in Rendsburg

Rendsburg was a small and nice marina, we could have dropped the anchor in the bay but it was nice to have a walk in the evening and due to the pitstop we also noticed that our bow roller lost a screw so the evening was spent to fix that. Apparently the bow roller didn’t enjoy getting dipped as hard into the waves as we first thought. The “issue” has now been taken care of permanently (fingers crossed).

The day was spent the same way as the day before, except that we managed to build some awesome sun protection of our sail. Beside noticing that our construction isn’t a permanent solution we are now sure that we need a better sun sail for protection that can be mounted both easier and more permanent if required.

Beside nice nature and surroundings the canal also got us used to having big ships close to us, it was a never ending torrent of them today. But even if we are super cool with having big guys around us we are also happy that the canal is as wide as it is.

Since we had the propeller shaft and its gasket replaced during the winter we are taking in some water while motoring, nothing bad but slightly annoying so since today was the 12 hour running time anniversary of the installation we had it quickly checked and tightened (the tightening part was of course done without the engine running).

When we finally reached the marina of Brunnsbüttel (the one in the other end of the canal) we travelled about 100km in two days and consumed 11 liters of diesel doing so, not too shabby. The new 3 blade prop that we installed this winter made us proud!

Finally the end of the canal

Brunnsbüttel is a nice little town that we didn’t see to much of since we arrived quite late but if you are in the area spend a day or maybe two and explore. We only managed to grab some groceries and some ice cream that actually is worth spelling with capital I and C. On the main street maybe a km from the marina we found Eiscafe Dolomiti and treated our selves with some Ice Cream.

Accidental ice coffee

I let the pictures speak for themselves, the ice coffee was supposed to be a cup of regular ice coffee but apparently the guys at the cafe slam ice cream into everything so a big ice coffee at Eiscafe Dolomiti should be considered a huge ice cream. No dinner required today…

Since we found small living things (God knows what it was) in our water we decided to drain the fresh water tank and have it refilled, with the new electric bilge pump it was a breeze for once. While in the steam refilling water we fiddled with how the anchor is attached at sea. Still no brilliant ides how to have it super attached to the boat while not moored. Duct tape could be a solution, a lot of it..

But nothing bad that doesn’t come with something good, we met a lovely danish couple that also was heading south but unfortunately their engine broke down on the canal so they were forced to enjoy Brunnsbüttel a few more days till they had it replaced. Michael and Christina if you ever read this, it was really awesome to meet you and hopefully we meet again in the south someday.

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