Day: 1
Log date: 2020-07-31
Route: Malmö – Rødvig
Time: 09:20 – 17:30 ( 8h 10min )
Distance: 29 nm
Average speed: 3,75 knots
Wind: 0 – 20 knots
Rain: None
Visibility: Great

And the journey has finally begun, we aimed for a longer first day but the wind totally decided agains it. Everything started out great with a lot of lovely friends waving goodbye at the pier in Limhamn Malmö. It wasn’t easy to leave all of them behind but luckily it was till next time and not farewell.

The fist day surprised us with both great sailing and equally lovely weather, the first few hours was windy and we were able to squeeze 6+ knots of speed out of the old lady which is more than great especially when she’s as heavy as she is at the moment.

A few hours later the wind shifted and calmed down quite a bit and we had to work quite hard to keep the speed to a decent level and from that point it just became “worse” less and less wind and more and more sun. A good thing on “dry land” but for us it’s equal to super bad…

After a while we had to force the sails to allow them catch some wind

After a few hours of more or less no wind we gave up and changed course for Rødvig instead of the Klintholm. We couldn’t really stand spending 6 hours of motoring the first day just to reach the planned destination that we just had made up anyway.

Rødvid was a jam filled harbor so we ended up as forth boat outside of 3 others but at least we got no one outside of us since we plan to head out really early tomorrow morning and who knows maybe we might be able to catch some wind.

3 thoughts on “Finally we cut the moorings

  • Jochem

    Sorry I missed your departure from Limhamn.
    It seems you guys had a great first day . Please have lots of those !

  • Marie

    You have nowhere to go in a hurry. Stay in the Now… and Enjoy being away from annoying people. ?

  • Danish guy

    Nice! Good sailing

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