Day: 6
Log date: 5 aug. 2020
Route: Heiligenhafen – Kiel
Time: 07:15 – 18:55 ( 11h 38min )
Distance: 56,3 nm
Average speed: 4,6 knots
Wind: 20 knots
Rain: None
Visibility: Great

Today we cast loose and left Heiligenhafen to head for Kiel, according to the chart it shouldn’t take that long since it’s just 38nm and as previous stated it should only take 9-10 hours. With the wind against us (as usual) we travelled 56nm instead of the planned due to all the tacking we had to go through but the higher average speed made up for it so we reached the jetty in Holtenau utside of Kiel only 2 hours later than expected.

When getting closer to Kiel it was a bit scary to see all the big ships closing in and knowing that we will share lock and and the canal with them. They are huge when you get closer and tomorrow or the day after they will be even bigger. Scary stuff!

When moored we had a look around and found the old lock, the old jetties was still there. Really nice place except for all the Canada geese that occupied the area, thank you very much Canada… If any of them decide to unload anything on our boat then I will personally declare war.

Beside finding the old lock we also found a Covid-19 sign telling us that the canal charge had been removed for recreational crafts. The first good thing that came out of that shitty virus.

3 thoughts on “Finally at the canal

  • Micke

    Good to see you got to the canal sound and safe. And with alot of new experiences. Hope you brought some kind of nasty weapon for your war with the Canadian Bee Geese 🙂

    Is it just to enter the canal when you like or do you have to book a slot?

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    • The geese apparently understand the picture of the lawn mower I put up next to the boat…

      The lock process is just “wait for the big ones are finished and tag along” seems easy enough even for me to figure out. Even if there are some additional lights and other stuff that I apparently have to keep in mind but that’s what I got Mia for. She’s the one of us who knows things. 😀

  • The Bååth

    Yes, what would you men do without us! I hope you get a nice ride in the canal. Be safe, hugs from Maysan

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