After a few days of chilling in a windy Murus it was time to head south, we had found a nice anchorage a few miles north of Baiona that we wanted to have a look at.

An interesting “note” about the “rias” along the Spanish coastline is that they are creepy windy every now and then. Somehow they tend to invent and funnel the wind into something crazy even when there is no wind. When we left Muros the weather was superb according to the weather Gods but just like a proper ria this one threw 25 to 30 knots of wind right at us when we were heading out from the pontoon. After almost (note the almost, we didn’t hit anything) crashing into everything in the harbour we managed to head out into the wind with reefed sails. The cool thing with the rias is that there are no waves at all, just lots and lots of wind. 🙂

And once again, the ria did its thing and the wind was more or less gone and the trip down to the Ensenada de Barras anchorage ended up just like usual (sadly) with a mix of almost to little wind or no wind at all.

After almost 9 hours at sea we reached the anchorage and it was totally worth the trip and if you who read this plan to head to Vigo you should definitely add an extra stop outside the northern beach.

We spent the next few days at the beach, did some long overdue underwater maintenance and removed some TEC7 from one of our through-hull fittings that could have caused our engine to have a stroke at some point. Sadly it was insanely cold in the water even with a wetsuit. We’ll soon be in the Mediterranean…. Sooooon….

5 thoughts on “A trip to paradise

  • Anita

    Oh! Vilka underbara bilder vilken drömtillvaro🙏🏻🌞vi ser framemot en fortsättning i medelhavet🕶⛵️
    Anita o Janne

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    • Ja det börjar dra ihop sig för medelhavet och den nya båten nu. Med lite tur mönstrar vi på i slutet av maj om och när Grekland öppnar gränserna igen.

  • Anita


  • Carina Larsson

    Fina bilder

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