We decided to leave IJmuiden and head south

Log date: 2020-08-15
Route: IJmuiden – Yacht Club Scheveningen (Haag)
Time: 11:00 – 18:34 ( 7h 34min )
Distance: 27,7 nm
Average speed: 3,7 knots
Wind: 0 – 10 knots
Rain: None
Visibility: Great

Since we are heading south we decided that it’s better to make a short jump instead of no jump at all so we set sail and headed for Yacht Club Scheveningen just outside of Haag.

The set sail was a slight overstatement, no wind at all so the we had to motor for 7 hours to reach our destination and the lovely current made half of the trip to a nightmare for our poor 12 HP engine that usually just move along at +65C was working hard at +80C. I guess air in the cooling system might have something to do with it. Will have to spend a few hours trying to fix that.

On our way into the marina we passed a small sail ship with a lot more sails than us but we still overtook them after a long unfair fight (we used the engine). Ether way they look stunning with all their sails. Kudos to the ones that keep them floating and sailing!

Yacht Club Scheveningen is a quite large marina but still super nice (the got showers to!!), friendly and really helpful staff. The marina is located in a secure area both from the public and from the ocean.

After the mandatory bunkering run to Aldi when we reached the marina we discussed what to eat (that’s usually the main topic of our discussions when we go ashore).

Of course the lazy part of us won and once again we treated ourselves by heading over to the Italian trattoria just outside of the marina. They had stunning pizza and amazing tiramisu, and that they spoiled us with limoncello on the house made the evening even better. If you are in the area the place was Trattoria la Riva.

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  • Micke

    Najs pizza ?

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