So many cool things happened during our last passage, we;

[ X ] Crossed the prime meridian (0°)
[ X ] Moved one latitude south, we are now officially on 49° instead of 50° (Jay!!)
[ X ] Travelled more than 1000miles in total
[ X ] Passed the white cliffs of Dover (at a distance, actually really really far away)

Every journey begins with one step, we have now taken 1000 small ones towards somewhere else.

Log date: 3 sep. 2020
Route: Calais – Cherbourg
Time: 2020-08-31 12.16.00 – 2020-09-02 15.28.00 ( 51h 12m )
Distance: 202 nm
Average speed: 4 knots
Wind: 0 – 10 knots
Weather: [ ] Rain, [ ] Fog, [X] Sunshine, [ ] Cloudy
Visibility: Great
Temperature: 17 °C

Calais was kind of nice but then at the same time not really if we should be honest. Since the weather was acting a bit strange we didn’t spend any time exploring the surroundings so we might not have given the place a valid chance to prove itself.

The marina was okey, the visitors pontoon was affected a lot from the swell from the outer marina and the wind from northwest so from time to time the boat was rolling more than at sea. So as soon as the weather went from bad to okey’ish we headed out aiming for Cherbourg to cover some distance.

Most of the trip our crew-member “Styrbjörn” took care of the helm for us, he never gets tired and require very little food, just a tad of water resistant grease every now and then. Since the first part of the trip was quite close to shore we managed to squeeze a 2h online stock trading seminar into the trip as well, it’s amazing how Internet allow us to do cool things.

Tony attending ST3

Since the trip lasted for more than 50 hours we could enjoy more than 2 beautiful sunsets with two calm nights. What strikes me every evening is how relaxing sailing into the sunset are, it’s sad that it’s so hard to catch and share the beauty of if.

The entire trip was calm and easy the only “issue” was when we got closer to our destination we reach the inevitable point of getting the tides agains us and what tide it was, more than 5 knots agains us for a few hours and at that point we had no wind. It was kind of interesting pointing the boat west and slowly traveling about 1 knots south. Poor engine.

When it finally turned we made good progress towards the marina that we finally reached early afternoon. In perfect time to have a short walk to explore the area close to the marina. We met quite a few fellow sailors that are heading south as well just like us, some heading for Spain and the meds and other aiming for the ARC this november, something that they all have in common is that they all get surprised when we tell them how big (actually how small) our boat is. One of the questions we’ve heard a few times so far is: “But how did you manage to cross the North sea? We thought it was scary and our boat is much bigger than yours!”.

I guess we just don’t know better….

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  • Micke

    Fantastisk solnedgång, wow!

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