Here you’ll find some statistics related to how we spend our money.

A compiled report of our first 6 month can be found hereĀ

Please note that this page is still in early beta so the it might act a bit strange every now and then.

Mooring fee

We try to keep an eye on what we spend on mooring and below you’ll find the nitty-gritty data about itĀ 

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Food cost

Like everyone else we do eat, occasionally… The diagrams below show what we spend on food and drinks and how and where we spend it.

Bunkering is when we buy something to be brought with us on the boat for future meals.

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Boat expenses

Boats spend their life in one of the most harsh environments on the planet and because of that things need maintenance.

Below you’ll find our boat related purchases.

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Here you’ll find all the things that we couldn’t find a home for in any of the other tables. All the other nitty-gritty stuff that we purchase every now and then.

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The last row of the sheet, all the totals.

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