Every ship needs a logbook, this is our. We register our routes, weather and other useful and probably unuseful information that is related to our journey. The posts are a mix between a proper logbook and a diary.

You can also use the map to find logs related to a specific location.

Our expenses the first 6 months
/ Captains log, Expenses
When we decided to change our lives from working 8 to 5 and doing what most people do, to getting ...
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From dusk to dawn - Ribadeo here we come
Cudillero to Ribadeo Log date: 2021-02-14Route: Cudillero - RibadeoTime: 08:24 - 19:17 ( 10h 53min )Distance: 46,2 nmAverage speed: 4,2 ...
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Finally on the "road" again - Cudillero
/ Captains log, Cudillero, Spain
After almost 4 months tied to a pontoon in Gijon we broke the moorings and headed west. Our first stop ...
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Bring on the heat
/ Boat data, Captains log, Gijon
Almost a year ago we found a Webasto Air Top 5000 heater up for sale and since the price was ...
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LEDs make the boat bigger
If you are like me and enjoy building stuff this is a fun project that will keep you occupied for ...
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