Every ship needs a logbook, this is our. We register our routes, weather and other useful and probably unuseful information that is related to our journey. The posts are a mix between a proper logbook and a diary.

You can also use the map to find logs related to a specific location.

Klintholm - Marina Grossenbrode
/ Captains log, Germany
A small step for mankind but a quite good leap for Trull. Day: 3 & 4Log date: 2020-08-03Route: Klintholm – ...
Man Over Board Exercise
/ Captains log, Denmark
Day: 2Log date: 2020-08-01Route: Rødvig - KlintholmTime: 06:30 - 15:45 ( 9h 15min )Distance: 37 nmAverage speed: 4 knotsWind: 0 ...
Finally we cut the moorings
/ Captains log, Denmark
Day: 1Log date: 2020-07-31Route: Malmö - RødvigTime: 09:20 - 17:30 ( 8h 10min )Distance: 29 nmAverage speed: 3,75 knotsWind: 0 ...

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