Every ship needs a logbook, this is our. We register our routes, weather and other useful and probably unuseful information that is related to our journey. The posts are a mix between a proper logbook and a diary.

You can also use the map to find logs related to a specific location.

Kaptenen bakar
/ baka, bröd, Captains log, mat
På sista tiden har kaptenen lagt sig till med en ny hobby, han har börjat baka både bröd och kakor ...
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Lite kökspyssel
/ Captains log, Fix, Freya
Vi har länge funderat på att piffa till köket i Freya då det sett sina bästa dagar, det kanske inte ...
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Polarsteps and a small update
/ 2023, Captains log, Freya, Italy, Sicily
Well, let's begin with the update... Since we (mainly Tony) are lazy, like crazy lazy, when it comes to writing ...
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Weekend project - Gas solenoid timer
/ Captains log, Gas, Techie stuff
How many times have we forgotten to turn off the gas after cooking? The appropriate answer would be never but ...
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What the heck happened?
/ 2021, Captains log, Freya, Greece, Trull
What the heck happened with Trull and Co during 2021? Well, that's a darn good question, Trull and her crew ...
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