Senast uppdaterad:

Well, let’s begin with the update… Since we (mainly Tony) are lazy, like crazy lazy, when it comes to writing an executive decision has been made in the social media department of Freya and that is that future blog posts will be written in Swedish instead of English. The main reason for that is that most of our “followers” (read friends and family) are Swedish and quite a few of them aren’t that savvy when it comes to reading and understanding English. However, we will still use English when we share stuff on Instagram, Facebook and other social media platforms aaaand the technical department will do its best to include some half-decent translation service for you. Sorry for any inconvenience but life isn’t fair. 😉

Talking about social platforms we recently got introduced to Polarsteps by a friendly neighbour. Polarsteps is kind of a photobook/blog that keeps track of your trips around the world and lets you share your journey in a super easy and convenient way. Nooooo, I do not get paid to write that. And even if I did I wouldn’t sell my soul to make a few bucks.

Anyway with that said, you can find our Polarsteps account here –> Yachting Polarsteps and if you would like to keep track of us just download the app from the AppStore on your phone. 🙂

Below you’ll find our ongoing winter in Sicily.

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